Hornby Island

Hornby Island is situated in the traditional territory of the K’ómoks First Nation. It is a unique and diverse island that boasts awe-inspiring natural beauty and a vibrant culture. Local residents and visitors alike share an appreciation for the rich tapestry that is Hornby Island. It is home to many world-class artists, makers, and artisans who invite you into their studios and galleries. The famous Ringside Market is a popular destination that offers food, shopping and fun! Be sure to swing into the Hornby Island Coop while you’re there. Outdoor pursuits are numerous; jump in the pristine waters at Tribune Bay Provincial Park, grab your camera and head over to Helliwell Provincial Park, or take your bike over to Mount Geoffrey and explore the incredible hiking and biking trails. Kayaking, swimming, photography, hiking, diving, birding, SUP’ing, mountain biking… you name it, Hornby Island is an adventurer’s playground!

Important Hornby TIPS:

  • Ferries can be extremely busy with long sailing waits at peak times. Please plan accordingly and be aware of BC Ferry Schedules.
  • There is a gas bar located across from Ringside Market.
  • There is a liquor store on Hornby Island for your convenience.
  • There is a Hornby Coop that has groceries, hardware and other general items. Please support local businesses.
  • Recreational vehicles will want to think ahead… there is no Sani station on Hornby Island. Be sure to come with an empty tank.
  • Water conservation efforts are in place on Hornby Island. Please bring freshwater with you, if possible.
  • There is no drug store on Hornby Island. Be sure to bring special medications if you have allergies or specific health conditions.
  • Hornby Island has an outstanding team of First Responders. In case of accident or severe health problems, they can arrive within minutes.