RESERVATION SYSTEM UPDATE (see below for new bookings)

Thank you for using our new third-party booking system! As expected, it had extremely high traffic and booked 1200+ reservations in the first 2 hours. Reservation systems struggle when experiencing high volume. Some of our customers reported issues loading the reservation page, had long buffering periods, and reported issues finalizing their bookings.

We have received reports of technical issues regarding CONFIRMATION of bookings and PAYMENT. Due to the high volume at launch, the reservation system may have failed to successfully complete some bookings. Some customers did receive a CONFIRMATION NOTICE, but the payment did not process (therefore, the booking was not actually successful, despite the  “confirmation”). Customers may have noticed an initial PENDING PAYMENT charge that will have now disappeared if the booking was unsuccessful.

If you attempted to book a reservation with Tribune Bay Campsite for the 2024 season (particularly on Friday, March 15):

  1. PLEASE CHECK that you have received a CONFIRMATION EMAIL that includes your booking details. If you have NOT received a confirmation email, it is possible that your booking was unsuccessful (even if you had a pending payment).
  2. PLEASE CHECK your credit/debit card statement of PAYMENT to ensure that you were charged correctly (If the charge has disappeared, your reservation failed).

If you have both a CONFIRMATION EMAIL and a completed PAYMENT that appears correct, your booking was successful and there is no need to contact us.

If you do not have a CONFIRMATION EMAIL or your PAYMENT/CHARGES appear incorrect, please email us. We will do our best to accommodate you as soon as possible. If you have already emailed us, you do not need to send another email. Response time is hard to predict as it is dependent on the number of issues reported. We ask that you please be kind and patient with the staff as they work diligently to address all issues in as timely a manner as possible.

Thank you for your patience.

We appreciate your patronage and cooperation.

Thank you for your interest in camping with us at Tribune Bay Campsite—we will be open for the 2024 camping season from Wednesday, May 15th until Tuesday, October 1st. We appreciate your patience as we navigate a new booking software for our 2024 camping reservations. Our new online direct booking system is mobile-friendly and will allow for self-serve reservations.


We have no RV specific sites — you can tent on any site!

  • the Vehicle Information section will ask you for RV details even if you don’t have one
    • select “other” for equipment type
    • select the value “10” for trailer length
    • input your vehicle info (license plate #) for registration
    • input “n/a” for trailer year
    • specify what type of camping equipment you will be bringing (# of tents, campervan, etc) in special requests

Once on the booking page:

  1. Please review the booking instructions.

  2. Input your reservation dates to generate a map showing the available sites.
    1. All reservations will be limited to a maximum 14-night stay and minimum 2-night stay—if you input dates outside of this range, all sites will be listed as unavailable.

  3. Review the site details to ensure that your selected site is appropriate for your group size and equipment type (our sites are all different sizes!). We have:
    1. 13 Power (15 Amp) Sites (max. 6 guests per site) @ $48/night
    2. 83 Unserviced Sites (max. 2-6 guests per site, depending on size) @ $43/night
    3. 8 Unserviced Double/Group Sites (max. 12 guests per site) @ $86/night
    4. 2 Power (2×15 Amp) Double/Group Sites (max. 12 guests per site) @ $96/night

      You can only book one site per reservation.

      You can find a map of the campground layout and site descriptions through our website navigation menu (see “map” and “sites“)

  4. Click to reserve your site and review the reservation summary.

  5. Fill in your details:
    1. Guest Info
      1. number of adults (over 16 years old)
      2. number of children (under 16 years old)
    2. Personal Info
      1. name
      2. address
      3. phone number
      4. email address
    3. Vehicle Info
      1. camping equipment type
      2. trailer length
      3. make/model & license plate number

        NOTE: if you are not bringing an RV but the “trailer length” field will not accept

    1. Payment Info
      1. full advance payment is required via debit/credit card at time of booking in order to finalize your reservation
      2. In addition to the site fees, there is also a $10 non-refundable reservation fee for each booking

 NOTE: The base price of the site includes 4 guests (8 guests for double/group sites). Additional persons fees will be collected upon your arrival during check-in. Additional guests cannot exceed the limit listed in your reservation summary under guest info.

  • additional adults (16 years or older) are $10/adult/night
  • additional children (between 6-15 years old) are $5/child/night
  • children under 6 years old are free

 Cancellation/ Modification Info

  • Any cancellations or modification requests must be received at least 7 days prior to your arrival in order to qualify for a refund.
  • Refunds will be subject to a $35 cancellation fee or $15 modification fee.
  • All reservation cancellations or modification requests must be made by email :

  • All reservations are non-transferable and cannot be resold. The individual whose name is listed on the reservation must be present upon arrival at the campground.
  • Many of our sites can become mucky and experience drainage issues under wet conditions. Refunds will not be offered for weather/ ambient conditions or campground conditions.
  • Hornby Island has a limited freshwater supply. Under drought conditions, our showers may be limited or closed entirely. Refunds will not be offered in the case of shower closures.
  • Please see our Campground Policies and Rules for more information.

 NOTE: Please be advised that office staff reserve the right to reassign your site # if needed.


  We are looking forward to another amazing camping season on Hornby Island and hope to see you here this summer!

Campsite Reservations:

  1. Reservation Fee of $10.00 per site (Non-refundable) 
  2. Minimum length of stay = 2 nights (3 nights for Long Weekends)
  3. Full payment for all nights is required at time of online booking. Payment for additional adults / children will be collected upon check-in.
  4. Campground is open and reservable from May 15th – October 1 (100% reservable)


Refunds can be granted for exceptional circumstances such as:

  • COVID Travel Advisories
  • Incorrect Charges
  • Park Conditions (no access, flood, evacuations, wildfires in area, etc.)
  • Poor Air Quality (air quality levels are a 7 or higher on the BC Air Quality Index)
  • Serious Motor Vehicle Accident
  • Medical Emergency (serious medical reason that prevents customer from honouring reservation)

Refunds will not be granted for the following: wildlife, weather and ambient conditions, campground conditions, leaving early, general illness or pre-existing conditions, errors when making a reservation, vehicle issues, change of plans.


Reservation Cancellations: 

All cancellations must be made at least 7 days in advance of arrival. A $35.00 service charge  will apply for refunds. Campers will receive a full reimbursement of the camping fee, less the $10.00  reservation fee. Cancellation within 7 days before arrival will not receive a refund unless it meets the criteria for exceptional circumstance. All cancellations require notice by email ( No cancellations are accepted by phone.

Reservation Modifications:

There is a $15.00 service charge for each reservation modification. To qualify for a reservation change, we must receive notification of your changes 7 days (or sooner) prior to your arrival date. All modifications require notice by email ( No changes or modifications are accepted by phone. Shortening a reservation within 7 days of arrival or departing early will not be refunded unless it meets the criteria for exceptional circumstance. 

The guest must notify the Campground Office of late arrival, otherwise the site may be resold without notice.